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About us

Thank you for visiting the Fairytales SMP store! Let me introduce myself - my name is Love and I'm the owner of the server! It's nice to meet you!

The Fairytales community has been around for just over a year and it was created by me as a way to connect with my Twitch followers when I used to stream gaming content! I eventually moved over to Tiktok where my aim was to make content to grow the community and provide a safe space for those that needed it. My aim and the aim of my staff is and will always be to maintain a welcoming atmosphere which is safe and a place of bliss.

In January 2022 we released The Fairy Circle SMP! I made this along with my friends Spring and Sam who I still owe everything to for the beginning of this wonderful server. Without them, the Fairy Circle SMP wouldn't have been the same. Thank you if you see this.

We are currently on our 3rd season of the server and for this season we rebranded to the 'Fairytales SMP' purely just for a change that sounded better in my opinion! I created this server along with my wonderful staff team that have poured their lives and soul into this project for you all. I cannot even begin to explain the amount of love, time and tears has gone into making this server return again. Especially because we didn't think there would ever be a season 3!
Fairytales closed after season 2 'permanently' as at the time I was unable to afford the server from a financial perspective as I was experiencing changes in my life. I made the decision to close the server on quite short notice before the next billing cycle as I could not afford to keep it going any longer. So many friendships and memories were made in those 2 seasons - I was heartbroken that a home for so many members of our community had to go away. I still cherish it.

When my life started adjusting back to more stable positions, I decided I wanted to try again. And thus I presented the idea of Season 3 to the Fairytale's staff team and everyone was so excited! I pretty much brought the server that week and with a huge amount of help from my friend Ciaran, we began working on getting it set up again. Hours and hours were poured into building the server and making it the special place that we all loved from previous seasons and the memories were all still there - but this time open to making new ones. Many of the staff are still the same who I cherish and hold so close to my heart and many staff that are new that are just as excited. When I tell you that this staff team is the best ever - I mean it. I could not be luckier to have the Fairytale's staff that I have - they are all wonderful beings and it would not be the same without every single one of you - that goes for Discord staff and SMP staff - Thank you. For everything.

For the Last 2 seasons of the server - we did not have a store. Honestly, I never wanted one. Lots of Minecraft servers are made for the purpose of profit and business but that was never my intention with Fairy Circle. I truly would have rather struggled through the finances to keep this special place open for everyone. After season 2 closed because money became short - so many members of the community extended their hands to try and keep the server running - they didn't want to see it go. This season, is the first time we will have a store for our SMP. Everthing on the store was thought out and curated by myself to be non-p2w and affordable. On this store we sell cosmetics and minor quality of life changes - never items, gear or weapons that will make you better than your peers. That is a promise. I see lots of stores with unspeakably high prices and it is crazy to me! Any packages on this store will never exceed more than £20. The store was made primarily to keep the server afloat and running for many months to come - not to make a business. I still work a full-time job to pay for the server so any help will be so appreciated. Please do not worry if you cannot purchase anything to contribute to the running of the server - Fairytales also runs off your love and friendship for one another and it's the greatest gift I have received from this community.

I appreciate you all - thank you all for reading ♥︎ 


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