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⋆⁺₊ Welcome to the Fairytales SMP Store! ₊⁺⋆ 

Here you can purchase ranks and cosmetics to use on our Blossom or Bloom servers!

We aim to be a NON-P2W community. If you notice issues with our store or have any concerns, talk to us and let us know.

None of our packages on this store will ever exceed £20 in price, ever. Keys and ranks can also be received via free means via frequent events, giveaways and in-game mechanics.

Read more in our about section below.

⋆⁺₊ About Fairytales ₊⁺⋆ 

Fairytale's aim is to create a loving and safe community which is inclusive and kind to all! Read more about us here!

⋆⁺₊ Terms of Service ₊⁺⋆ 

All purchases on our packages are final and no refunds will be granted unless a mutual agreement is reached via all involved parties (The Fairytales Admin team + the customer). Any attempts at chargebacks will result in a permanent ban across all Fairytale's servers.

We will not reimburse players who have purchased anything from the store who later get banned or punished from the network.

You must be 18 or above to make purchases from this store or have permission from a legal parent or guardian before purchasing.

If you enter your username incorrectly when purchasing a package, this is your responsibility. However, if you open a support ticket within our Discord, we will try to get this resolved for you.

Package contents are subject to change when the server progresses. We do not issue refunds for package alterations after a purchase is processed.

Items with monetary value cannot be used for bidding or negative trading in-game which is defined per scenario by staff.

Please note: It can take up to 15 minutes for your payment to process and go through - although in most circumstances this is instant

Refund policy | Tebex Terms of Service | Privacy Policy

⋆⁺₊ Need support? ₊⁺⋆ 

Feel free to contact us in our Discord server by opening a ticket:
Or alternatively, contact us via our email support:

+ more payment methods available.

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